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Young innocent amateur teenage girl

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  • Jesus Approves wrote 2646 days ago
    A young girl standing in front of a WebCam camera making a video for her boyfriend. She tells the camera that she doesn’t usually do this but that she loves her boyfriend so she will do it for him.

    The girl is giggly and talks nervously as she takes off her top and pants and then removes her bra to reveal large pale breasts with big dark red nipples. The girl then takes off her panties to reveal a small tight box. The girl is slim with thin arms, full breasts and a flat, taught, stomach. Shi also has wide hips and has a little bit of hair on her pussy.

    The girl tells the camera that she will masturbate because her boyfriend wants her to. She lifts the camera and sits down, as she does she looks into it. The girl is pretty with big eyes, full lips and a hairstyle that covers one side of her face. She sits down and begins to masturbate while holding the camera up to her face, occasionally moving it down to her pussy.

    She begins to get more and more turned on and holds the camera at her face as she plays with her pussy and tilts her head back and smiles. The girl is nervous and as she moans she does not know where to look. She pointed camera down to her hand to look at fingers and a soft wet noise can be heard. She then moves the camera back to her face.
  • kentwood1088 wrote 2716 days ago
    I wanna suck on those perky perfect titties!


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