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My Girlfriend loves getting anal sex

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  • Jesus Approves wrote 2677 days ago
    A man and woman are standing near the bed. The woman has long black hair, a beautiful Latin looking face, small breasts with large pointy nipples and a fat juicy ass.

    The woman holds her legs closed and her chubby little shaven pussy is visible through her closed thighs. The woman rubs a finger from her slit to her asshole while the man prepares to fuck her.

    The woman moves her ass closer to the WebCam and jiggles it for the camera. The man’s penis and leg moves into the shot and he pushes his penis into her vagina. As he does this, he cocks his leg up on the bed and his balls and dick are now visible driving into the woman.

    The man drops his leg and moves his dick from the woman’s pussy into her asshole. He pulls out to rub it a few times and then he sticks it back in and cocks a leg on the bed. The woman puts her hands between her legs and rubs her clitoris. The man fucks her like this for a few minutes and then slows down to fuck her with longer, deeper strokes.

    The woman then begins to move her ass around. The couple alternate between the man driving into the woman and her grinding her ass on his dick. The woman pulls her asked cheek apart for the camera, showing her stuffed asshole more fully and her pretty pink manicured nails. The woman continues to hold her ass open for the camera, as the man drives into her.


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